Reveal 1st Year Anniversary Gifts For Girlfriend For A Lasting Relationship

True love is unconditional and when you have genuine feelings for your partner everything associated with it, becomes beautiful. 

If your relationship is about to complete its first year, surely it is time to celebrate!

You should ensure to make it memorable as such occasions stay with you forever. Furthermore, it is high time to extend a genuine commitment to your girlfriend. 

Since you’ve been in the relationship for a while, you must be aware of what your partner likes. 

Besides taking her on a romantic date you should get 1st-anniversary gifts for girlfriend. In this fast-paced world is hard to find genuine people around you. It could be similar to a mother’s birthday. Hence you can find 50th Birthday gifts for women.  

Reveal 1st Year Anniversary Gifts For Girlfriend

A girlfriend can be demanding, and why shouldn’t she be? As she is getting true love from you. 

Hence, we present to you an exclusive collection for your 1st Anniversary. 

1. Infinity heart symbol charm link bracelet

Infinity heart symbol charm link bracelet

On peculiar occasions, words are not enough, and you have to go the extra mile to express your love to the other person. 

1st anniversary is such an occasion that is similar to reaching a milestone. Therefore, this bracelet is a perfect match. It has a heart which shows your love towards your girlfriend and an infinity symbol that shows that your love has no boundaries and your love is limitless. 

Once she receives that bracelet, there will be no need to tell her how much you love her. 😊

2. Romantic gift (silver necklace, rose petals, candles, leather journal and love card)

Romantic gift (silver necklace, rose petals, candles, leather journal and love card)

The term ‘Complete Package’ is truly meant for this gift. 

As shown in the image it has a silver necklace, rose petals, beautiful candles, a journal that can have all the details of the precious moments you spent together, and of course a lovely card that has hearts printed on it. 

It is a matchless gift for this beautiful occasion. Your girlfriend will be surprised by it because such presents are not common. She will love it!

3. Romantic couples picture frame with heart for 3×3 photo

Romantic couples picture frame with heart for 3x3 photo

Couples are bound to take pictures together as sweet memories put a smile on your face when you recall them. 

That is why we bring this exclusive photo frame as a 1st-anniversary gift for your girlfriend. It would be great if you insert a picture of your choice and present this to her. 

On the other hand, she may select a photo of her liking put it in this frame, and place it in her house. 

Don’t forget to put your marriage photo in this very frame as you are presenting her on the 1 anniversary. 

4. Personalized picture blanket

Personalized picture blanket

What if we tell you that if you are not around, you can still make your presence felt by your girlfriend? 

Now you might be thinking how’s that even possible? 

It is possible. Order this personalized blanket for your girlfriend, according to your demand it can have any picture printed on it. 

Special occasions will become more special with such must-have presents. 

5. Can’t help falling in love wood music box

Can't help falling in love wood music box

Those days are gone when people only had traditional ways to impress their loved ones and only had specific ways to express their love. 

Not anymore!

This wood music box is a perfect replacement. This unit plays the 18-note song only while you turn the handle. 

Present this box to your girlfriend on your 1st anniversary. 

6. Couples hand casting kit

Couples hand casting kit

Now love isn’t in the air, it is going to be everywhere!

As your relationship is evolving and touching new heights, we are pleased to present this amazing present as a 1st-anniversary gift for girlfriend.

As you have started this relationship to potentially live together during your lifetime. It is time to practically hold her hand and never leave it through this hand-casting kit. 

We know that you can’t wait to have it today. So order it instantly.  

7. Matching set necklace for couples

Matching set necklace for couples

There can be countless ways to express love, your relationship with your girlfriend should grow with every gesture. 

Your 1st step towards achieving that would be buying the same things for yourself and her. 

That would be easy to do here because of this matching set necklace for couples. Apart from truly expressing love you will be getting quality stuff. So wait for anything else. 

8. First anniversary candles gift

First anniversary candles gift

Illuminate your love on your first anniversary with our enchanting anniversary candle gift. This beautifully crafted candle symbolizes the warmth and romance of your first year together. 

The ups and downs of a relationship you both have seen can be celebrated in a dim light on a dinner table. 

Therefore, with all the romantic vibes, it is time to make illusion a reality.  

9. Love notes in cute capsules

Love notes in cute capsules

Designed as a cute and unique pill capsule, and inside there would be a love note especially mented for your girlfriend. 

The blank paper inside the capsule will allow you to write anything you wish to tell your girlfriend. 

 It can be the most innovative way you will find on such a big occasion in your life. 

Surely it can’t match the cuteness of your lady love, yet it can put a big smile on her face. Same as the swimmers who receive gifts for swimmers

10. Engraved rock gift

Engraved rock gift

Just as solid as your relationship, this engraved rock with a lovely message written on it, must be presented on the 1st anniversary. 

Once gone, these moments will never be back. So you must make it count and tell your girlfriend how much you love her. 

It can be the best way to show commitment for a lifetime.  

11. Fun and adventurous date night box

Fun and adventurous date night box

It has been a universal problem that people get tired of each other as there is no excitement in the relationship. 

But truthfully, a relationship should never get boring. It must get refreshed and you should find new ways to make your relationship true and healthy. 

Meanwhile, thinking out of the box becomes hard. 

So here is your relationship saver!

One of the best 1st-anniversary gifts for girlfriend. It has all the details of what you should do to keep your relationship lively. 

12. Matching bracelet for couples

Matching bracelet for couples

True lovers must be friends with each other and they must share each and everything. 

Thoughts, feelings problems, sorrows, and happiness!

So at this special moment tell your girlfriend that she is also your best friend. To stamp this fact make her wear this bracelet as a friendship band. On the other side ask her to do the same to you. 

Congratulations, now you both are into an unbreakable bond.

Bottom line

Things that we do for the first time are always special and stay in the memory till we live. 

Therefore, don’t leave any loopholes while celebrating your anniversary, and ensure you order these exclusive 1st-anniversary gifts for girlfriend. 

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